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Feb 2016
There's a group of young people
laying on the rocks
a doobie passing between them,
two beers for each.

They're listening to the sound of the river,
they're laughing and they look into each others eyes
and they are good, they are soft and warm and a little toasted,
thank the sun, thank the earth, thank the friends.

I'm among them,
with my pen in my hand and my notebook on my lap.
Terra, she calls out for a beer, I reach into my bag and toss her one.
Kelly, she calls out for a cigarette, I reach into my bag and toss her one,
Dylan, he calls out for a guitar pick, I reach into my pocket and toss him one.
Chloe, she calls out so as to not be alone, I reach into my pocket and toss her love,
I toss love to them all, they always catch it, and toss their own back, I never drop it.

It's February but it's hot.
It snowed last week (ah! What a beautiful day) and today there's a high of 75.

The air is cooler by the water,
we climb up the canyon to watch the sunset.
A cool end to a cool day.

We all pile into my truck.
Kelly, to her ranch.
Terra, to her trailer.
Dylan, to his barn.
Chloe, to her town house.
Me, to my church.

Many laughs, many hugs, many eyes met, many glances kept, much love tossed, a couple doobies smoked, a twelve pack drunk, and a day lazed in the sun.
A handful of friendship, an ocean of love.
Nolan Higgins
Written by
Nolan Higgins
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