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Feb 2016
The loneliness attacked me again, left me broken and bleeding,
And the first thing I do is run back to you.
Collapse, stain your clothes red, take out our favourite game,
Ask you if we can play it all over again.
Thing is, the stakes always increase for every time we play,
And I'm close to being bankrupt, but I know you're getting rich.
You take it all from me, I give everything I have
But I can still barely afford the newest buy-in price.
I've started giving you pieces of who I am instead,
And I'm getting there, I've nearly given enough to play another round,
And I know there are other players. I used to walk away,
But now I'm not whole enough to leave the table despite it.
I'm translucent, hardly here, I can barely even touch you
Without feeling the disconnect; we're stuck in different places.
Maybe you're just better at winning than me,
You know just when to walk away and when to come back.
I exist only to pay off the debts I have with you.
"I" am less than "you"seless.
Written by
Corvus  27/Trans Male/Liverpool
(27/Trans Male/Liverpool)   
       Opal, Mike Adam, Jamadhi Verse, ---, Torin and 16 others
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