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Dec 2011
The land was veiled
and silence exultant -
                p e r m e a t e d only by
resonating from deep within the frozen forest
where life had retreated,
aghast by the glacial wind.

Cowering together,
               dwellings shivered
                             ephemeral oak structures
                             bowed beneath
the freshly shorn lamb’s wool that enveloped all,
the shearer continued.

You left this night,
                   without a whisper
of regret
across the interminable,

     n     u      a     i     g      furrows
u     d      l      t    n

that ridicule your lifeless,
even features - pitiless,
your sodden soles penetrated the ****** snow.

Impervious to such inclemency
                       I traipse deep into the thicket,
reminded of how earlier
I collected from this q u i v e r i n g coppice,
                no more, no less
than my meagre allowance dictates.

Your stride is familiar,
for it was once mine
with metronomic ease I trace you,


traversing a promontory, I see you,
stood on a limestone plinth
        shimmering pasture below.

You turn; we face,
        unwavering symmetry|
as stained crystals fall red with affliction
caressing the firmament I lace your name with my finger
no more.

©*Thomas Gabriel
thomas gabriel
Written by
thomas gabriel
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