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Feb 2010
When you walk out your door
In the winter, spring, summer or fall
The sun flickers on many shades of colors
In the flower shops, fruit and vegetable stands
You walk down most city streets
People of many faces you greet
Day after day

Then you pick up the cover of a magazine
Maybe even your favorite, tv show, movie
The vanity in most today
Features not one
Woman,Β Β Man or child of color
We still have a long way to go
Though many think, because
Our President, Barack Obama is black
We can forget the past and close the door
Stop mentioning
Racism today
It doesn't exist no more
Unfortunatly, I wish that was true

Like the rainbow in the sky
It doesn't discriminate
Crossing over brightly for many to see
Your eye's light up when you can capture
Such a beautiful thing
The shades of color comes in many variations
We can't hide them behind a cloud
Or in a corner, to collect dust
The vanity in 2010
To believe no one would notice
That there is only one flavorΒ Β 
Is a delusion that they're not many choices
You can't go color blind
Unless you where born that way

So what are we afraid of
You can't stop it, or make it go away
Cause all the colors blend
Into a mixture with eachother
Like a painted picture
That just looks
Simply Beautiful
In a variety of colors
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