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Dec 2011
Take a long cold look into the earth
Know your next to enter there
A panic sweeps through your veins and tears
Leak down out of your eyes

Pain shoots through your nerves and your fibers cringe
What hope is there in this suffering
The darkness deep and weighed down
A cold wind sweeps your sweat away

Your shivers fight against a slow decay
A light so bright pierced through the veil
The size of a pinhole no more
The warm ray of hope made it all so clear

Though understanding was not the darkness
It tried to push and hide away the light
Though none could conceal its treasure
You reachd your hand out towards a future

One that will yield better
Your hand is stricken, gnashed and burned
But you did not turn away
Desperately you grasp to life

And feel warmth upon skin, decrepit and stained
It takes over your entire soul
The point of light spread and enveloped your broken body
New life has filled your lungs

Rise and stand on new found glory
Darkness shall not enter again
You raise your hands, now immaculate and fresh
You open your mouth and sing

The light fills inside your body
Joy overflows out of this spring
Into the earth you shall never be
Forever in the light with the One true King
Ashlee Cline
Written by
Ashlee Cline
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