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Feb 2016
I don't really believe in fairytales
They don't appeal to me.
So far fetched and finely etched,
Moments of utter distraught transitioning into those of glee.

We’ve watched serials and endless movies
Castles built on mountains so high.
Rapunzel caged in the topmost tower,
only to be found n rescued by a mere passerby?!

Cinderella on the other hand sweating it out from dusk to dawn counting upon a wish,
Then turning into a princess overnight sounds like a major glitch.
How many times have we seen a slave girl,
Working hard for a living but merely surviving,
Their lives changing at a wand's mere swish?

Sleeping Beauty on the other hand enjoying her glorious nap,
Only destined to be kissed by the man of her dreams and live happily ever after,
Reality in this one seems so far fetched,
Who lives a ridiculously lavish life like that in a luxuries lap.

The beauty and the beast is a huge tragedy in itself,
A beauty falling for beast is preposterous,
In reality no beast gets the beauty or the beauty the beast,
The pretty ones always go  first off the shelf.

But look closely at the fairytale and you will find there's more to it than meets the eye,
It tells us how courage rewards the brave few who had the heart to try.
Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Sleeping Beauty or the Beauty from the Beauty and the Beast,
Would have grown old living their old detested life,
If it weren't for the courage displayed by them or their brave, with their broken hearts they would be left to cry.
Sheldon Dsouza
Written by
Sheldon Dsouza
     Bianca Reyes and Sheldon Dsouza
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