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Feb 2016
The winter comes and goes
Lost in summer’s clothes
Leaves fall around me
Random memories
Bloom, then blossom
A bud in disguise

The picture tells a thousand words
You paint each one
Waiting, in hope
But the sun never lies

Cycles of the moon
Wash over your mind
An endless search
You will never find

Treasure surrounds you
It’s breaking the senses
And into the darkness
Dancing in the dust

Energy rises
Day and night
Feeding the illusion
And so we must…

Pursue the desire
To feel
To become
One with the other

Approaching midnight
But lost in time and space
Under moonlight
I trace a line
Across your face…

We are reflections
Barely grasping
At the youth
Slipping away from our fingers…

A secret wonder
This life is
We don’t know what
It’ll bring us…

So misunderstood
Connecting space
Yet feelings remain
True as blood

I count the times
You ran through my veins
Elements of you
Transcend distance…

And yet here
On this plain
Seeking Invisibility;
I sense your resistance

Rehashed stories
Former glories
Cycle on
From one moment to the next
Going with the flow…

A lesson learned
You grow
With no rhyme, purpose or reason
Flowering, evergreen, everlasting
Yet standing tall, in your season.
Anna Jones
Written by
Anna Jones  Widnes
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