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Dec 2011
If I ever knew what to say
I'd of said it long ago
Just hopin' that
you'll let your beauty really show
or didn't I know you?
Please say it's not so.
didn't I know you?
It goes to show

that "somedays"
aren't always spent alone
and your favorite mondays
always ended in snow
when the bus took you home
when your father let you go
anywhere you wanted
but what do I

Simple little thoughts never slept
just crept and crept
along the gate
- of my bad dream,
of this bedsheet
and I wept
like a sniveling child
with only a few thoughts to carry
on my back
through the dirt;
none of me
two of you
but somehow,
you know
i'm content with wishin'
on an empty old well
as long as my feet work
and my hands can stay still.
Nicholas James Berlincourt
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