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Feb 2016
I’m sorry mom
Sorry for the times I pushed you away
For the days that I hated you
And for the tears I caused you

I’m not the daughter you wanted
I am sorry for the nights I made you hate yourself
For the lonely nights
All you wanted was to be by my side

I don’t know how to be what you need
I don’t talk about my feelings
I don’t show emotion
I promise I’m not heartless

I’ve learned to guard my heart
Not just from you but everyone
So please don’t take it to heart
I am just falling apart

Maybe my blood is too hot
Maybe I have a brain disease
Maybe I have a disorder
But for now you’re just gonna have to take my word

You tried so hard to be there
You were all in
But I wasn’t
I’m sorry mom for all the wounds I left on your heart.
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