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Feb 2016
You and I aren’t quite so different,
We really aren’t.

With every feeding came life,
And with every wrinkle,
Notarized our finite parchment,
Parallel and ultimately mortal.

We’ve shared –
An experience, any experience
And epiphanies congruent pain,
The numerous, the humorous.

We’ve remembered upon
Paths we’ve taken,
Together, apart, and in –
Eras defined by how we
Walked, talked,
Or slowed to a crawl,
Huddled and bled a back.

So come the heave,
The finality in flame,
Make a face for the name,
Let the dead man dream
And take that memory to the grave,
The One, that’s never forgotten
Whilst eternal and reciting –

“I love you,”
I loved every single
I wonder what I'll be thinking come the end, "oh ****?"
Liam C Calhoun
Written by
Liam C Calhoun  Guangzhou, China
(Guangzhou, China)   
       ---, ryn, che-rrie-ann, ---, Maya Wa and 9 others
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