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Feb 2010
The seas wore
an executioner's robe
whose waves sung
the pathos of my bid
I followed the ripples
that lured me toward
the door that showed me
the depth to my end

It burst to reveal
a last wish
I enclaved within
the bubble kissed
by the breath that left
none to follow
to the waves that read
my words of sorrow

The last wish
that solemnly said
as the sun sinks
for darkness to rise
as a leaf falls
for autumn to rise
I shed my life
for the rise of me
behold my soul
as a seed to sprout
a blissful rebirth
from my blemished past  

Days flew by
the sun reborn
from the womb of darkness
for whom he sank
seasons flew by
the leaves reborn
from the womb of autumn
for whom he fell
but the sea which once
coffined a corpse
failed to leave
an infant reborn
from the waves that struck
the desolate shores
but abandoned a shell
which enclosed within,
the soul of a being
who perished his life
to fulfill a wish
forgotten with time
Written by
Renjith Prahlad
   Jurgen, D Conors and Shelby Young
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