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Feb 2016
She was a young girl,
Her spirit was bright,
She believed the world was good,
Until pain overwhelmed her.

The assault had made her a new friend,
It was called a razor blade,
Never able to do it,
So desperately she wanted to end it.

Months go by and the pain lingers above her head,
It’s all just too much,
Darkness becomes her life,
A toy she played with a lot now.

The mirror was a window into the past,
Every time she looked into it she saw disgust,
The trapped memories with in her eyes,
End it, End it now she told herself.

Sits in the shower crying,
Know one knew the pain she was in,
No matter how hard she scrubs the flashbacks won't go away,
Scrubbing so hard blood starts to go down the drain.

Her life crumbling before her eyes,
She was broken,
Yet she didn’t care,
β€œYou think you know somebody”.
Written by
   Aroody and Baris MacTavish
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