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Jan 2016
I close my eyes
Fall asleep
Oh, so blurred. What is this?
This is a butterfly
Taking me to paradise.

This path here, so neat
Like there is nothing that could stop me to reach my wishes
I walk, walk, walk
And all I see is this beautiful world that my mind built up for me.

The grass is so green
Exhaling this comforting perfume
The wind passing through me
Taking me
To the castle
To my wishes

Oh, but what about that man?
What if it's a wicked one?
Oh, no miss! -- He said -- I want to help you. We must fulfill your wishes!
And here I go with this old good man
To the castle
To my wishes

And there it comes another butterfly
Around me
I can fly!

Everything became so easy
Oh, wishes
Now you are so close!

But once my fingers curled up into fists
But once I was so close to knock at the door
Everything became so blurred again
The old man looked at me
Oh, my dear. Did you forget this is all just magic?

I am back home
Lied in my bed
To reality
The tragic reality
So sorry if I have grammar mistakes! I'm not native in English!
Written by
Darcy  Brazil
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