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Jan 2016
…aloof or a fool,
A new dude or old school?
Having a trying time,
Writing a fine line,
Unraveling like a spool.
Feeling like the guy who'll
Use a contraction that no one uses,
Muses to the point of confuses,
Loses himself as he peruses through,
Each memory of you,
  Each word he heard,
   Each touch and kiss too,
And every smile,
The minutes he lingered a while longer,
Hoping he left the bond stronger,
Not weakened by seeking,
Hidden meanings, peeking from cover,
Never there, but an overanalyzing lover,
I have become,
Which isn't fun,
Nor what you desire.
So as it comes down to the wire,
Let's feed this consuming fire,
Blooming flowers in the mire,
A garden vibrant,
Growing and verdant.
As our passion builds higher,
Allow me to sire the breadth
  Of love to the furthest depth
   Of your magnificent soul.
A realm transcending goal,
To know you as a whole,
  From end to end to start,
   From mind to body to heart,
    From normal to abstract to art,
And smart to silly and new
Every understanding of you.
As you peer straight through,
All of my attitudes and moods,
To see me vulnerable and raw,
Placing your hands on me to thaw
The ice and frozen gaping maw
That consumes my everyday away,
Playing awry with anger to stay
Against the grain with a dull saw.
So I return to the lyrical poetry
And fervently sow the seed,
  And nurture it till it becomes a tree,
Wait for Autumn and gather every leaf
And write my words down on each
To show you what I truly mean
And capture beauty from the scene
That depicts from vivid life to sleep
Resting quietly in Winter dreams,
And sew gently all those leaves
To bring together from death to life,
A new creation born from strife,
Each word painted on canvas rife
With yellow, orange, brown, and red,
Nature's trash given for dead,
Now a map of journey lead
From each word I haven't said
  To the volumes I've penned in hope and dread,
   To display to you, my love is true,
That I believe in me and you
Even through my darkest moods,
Fading between the Grey and Blue,
The Civil War I'm prone to
Try and win but often lose.
But you bring forth the other hues,
Colors vibrant, warm, and bright,
That could place a rainbow in the night
Amongst the stars and soft moonlight,
The backdrop, an eternal void of black,
  The space impact, of infinity cracked
By the light you give, holding nothing back,
Treating me like I nothing lack.
And so I return to the green,
The garden world beneath my feet
  And dig up earth with hands, softly,
   A cool, ***** shallow tomb
That becomes new growth warming womb
As the seed I place sacrifices
Itself to feed and give life to this
New growth shoot free of vices,
Reaching the sun of its own devices,
Gracing the sky with weathered caress,
The Earth it turns to silently bless
As a bridge in this world to Heaven mess.
It smiles to those in success
And life and love and death and duress,
Never trying to shallowly impress,
But being nurtured by little me,
It abides patiently
For Autumn, to gift me it's leaves,
So I can in turn gift them to you,
Thousands of words written true,
  And a myriad of ways to say 'I love you'.
Lyrical poem I wrote regarding someone I hold very dear.
Lucas Keith
Written by
Lucas Keith  Michigan
     Angela G, Bianca Reyes and ---
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