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Jan 2016
[Perhaps I derive a sick satisfaction from this unrequited attraction; it gives me something for which to strive, something that keeps my fire burning and alive. // A red-hot coal buried within the heart of ash and fire ruin; I'm begging to be stoked--Please discover me soon.]

[ Caught in the throes of ecstasy just from having you next to me; this is precisely my kind of therapy, "Take as needed." prescription mistreated, you are constantly ruining through my veins and erasing all my pain. I'll let you take the reins. Please steer me to a place I've never known; take me to your home and please don't leave me alone. Keep me warm, shelter me from the storm, and I'll meet you in the middle, but I'll never play second fiddle. I'm not in the chorus, so put nothing else before us. Let's do the deed, you're what I need and my sin is greed. ]

[Background noise on static on a T.V. screen; I'm pressing myself to the glass, desirous to be held. 'DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME,' screamed to deaf ears. You are etched into my psyche, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel 2.0, this time painted under my eyelids; your own smoky eyes the color of the dusk sky, saying 'Good night,' from elsewhere under the same stars. You stripped away my shoddy bandaging to expose a ragged battlewound ****, and told me that to start the healing, I needed to cry. You departed in the morning, but left me the peroxide pain to remember you by. ]
cassiopeia miel
Written by
cassiopeia miel  the Milky Way
(the Milky Way)   
     Just Melz
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