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Jan 2016
Friends are the jewels of the earth
For the real treasure
We all seek
Is to be understood
And cared for by another

With endless conversations
And cups of tea
There’s a longing
A sense of peace
That comes from good company

As the day rolls on
We talk and feel life through
Laughing at the situations
That seek to destroy us

There’s a beauty
In mutual bonding
And learning
And laughing
At life’s trouble;
It’s just me and you
Lost in our little bubble

When feeling blue
Unearthed, deadbeat
They give you a new perspective
to set you on your feet

Friendship is priceless
More tea, cake and understanding

By text, by mail
By spoken word
They reach over continents
Villages, cities and towns
To make themselves heard

To lend a hand
When feeling low
Or losing hope
They give their free support
The kind of which
Can never be bought

Days, weeks, months and years
Pass by in the blink of an eye
No need for an explanation, reason or why
They are there for you
No matter how life changes

A true friend
Always caring
Always the same inside
Getting to know you a little better
Than they did the last time
They read your letter

Never tiring of your company
A spirit so pure
You may not find all the answers
But will laugh, and talk and share
So together, we’ll find the cure

Digging deep into the human soul
Excavating feelings
Working through emotional episodes
To find peace in the present moment
And in each other
At the end of the day
That is friendship’s truest goal

Be they brother, mother, sister or lover
Friends come in many shapes and guises
For what it’s worth
A true friend means more to me
Than all the jewels of the earth.
Anna Jones
Written by
Anna Jones  Widnes
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