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Jan 2016
party zone with johnny brown

johnny’  hi dudes and welcome to party zone’s very special aussie day eve edition

and we had ruth o’brien come out first, and she got the party right inro the right mood

and the families were gathering in with their picnic lunches and cyrus was next on stage

and, dudes, he was really cool, and he played some great songs to party on to, and nathaniel sang a prince song

and dude was he supplying us with the goods, here is one of the guys giving us an australia day jingle


australia day is great, man

it is really great

it’s really great in fact

it finished half an hour past half past 9

i really like jimmy barnes

i would’ve danced all night

and then nirvana bought out a storm

and cancelled the barnesy night

and now here is a jingle from another person

hey now hey now baby, it’s time to party party party

with smantha jade, and i wanna party party real hard oh yeah

you see i liked her on the  xfactor and she is pretty rad

but cancelling jimmy barnes, my pal was really really bad

johnny’  hi dudes welcome back and here is jimmy barnes to jnterview, jimmy

how did you like nirvana coming up with thunder and lightning cancelling your big show

jimmy’  oh well it’s nothing we could do about it

johnny’  at least you sang flame trees for TV

jimmy/  yeah, that was a great version of a great song

jimmy/ i will sing working class man for you and your viewers now

johnny’  you go over to the AAA stage and i will introduce you

ok dudes, here is a great singer who had his concert on the lawns of parliament house cancelled

so we bought hi, in here to play a hit, ladies and gentlemen please welcome jimmy barnes

with working class man, take it away jimmy

working hard to make a living
bringing shelter from the rain
a fathers son left to carry on
blue denim in his vein
oh oh oh he's a working class man

well he's a steel town deciple
he's a legend of his kind
he's running like a cyclone
across the wild mid western sky
oh oh oh he's a working class man

he believes in god and elvis
he gets out when he can
he did his time in vietnam
still mad at uncle sam
he's a simple man
with a heart of gold
in a complicated land
oh he's a working class man

well he loves a little woman
someday he'll make his wife
saving all the overtime
for the one love of his life
he ain't worried about tomorrow
cause he just made up his mind
life's too short for burning bridges
take it one day at a time
oh oh oh he's a working class man
oh oh oh he's a working class man
oh yeah
yes he is
well he's a working class man
ma ma . . . . . . . i tell you he's a working class man

working class
working class man

johnny’  thank you jimmy and now we have a jingle from betrice

betrice, ok take me out to the mudslide at parliament house where it;s rad

buy me some water to take my pill

before i end up a right old dill

i wish barnesy did his show, but who cares cause he did it here

so mr barnes, i wonder just one thing

will there be an encore

of just one more song

johnny’ thanks for that song and jimmy had just left, family commitments

but your jingle was ace, mam

johnny’  ok that is it and we will see you next friday the 29th

for episode 1 of party zone for the year

catch ya later dudes
Written by
johnny georgy brown
   Lucinda Hikari
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