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Dec 2011
She wove baskets for a living
Simple lass
Not a penny to her name
But a heart so free
She found her happiness
Floating on the breeze
That held onto her memories
Of a time when

He came full of wealth
Missing something all his life
He saw it in her eyes
A heart so caged
Waiting to be set free

Whisper on the breeze of understanding
As you looked  into her eyes
Sapphire glances
Sadness so complete
As strangers do pass
A match of a kind
But he was so blind

He saw kindness
A face porcelain laid
Dark hair cascading
In ringlets
Dancing onto her shoulderโ€™s so bare
He wanted her too much

When he looked into those diamond eyes
Her rags became anotherโ€™s disguise
But when he awoke
His mind played a snobbish joke
How dare she look upon his face?
How dare she tempt him
With her sapphire sweetness
And pureness of heart

Poor child
She saw his fear
She saw him
She felt him
Poor child
Who had fallen from a momentโ€™s grace?

Some day she will wear diamonds and pearls
Someday this child will rule the world
One day the noble man will fall a fool
Never to stare into the golden pool

She was an angel
Come to test
The rest of the tale is now
Laid to rest
Written by
Rai  50/F
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