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Jan 2016
Like the moon, her eyes glisten in the midnight garden
Daisies delicate in the soft breeze by her feet
Fire roars in her heart, but stays frozen to the touch
Lips like pink roses in the spring
The clouds lay in wait for a storm - she gazes
From a million miles away, stars fluoresce her gloomy skies
Aids her wandering mind to see the beauty of the night
A small nose points up as she watches
Birds soar swiftly to their nests for safety
At her feet, rodents scurry home to avoid their dark predators

The hours draw long
She stands still as the world continues to shift around her.

Gloomy skies shift to blue
Her skin warms, lips like dark wine
Daisies turn towards the rising sun
The once glistening eyes β€˜come dull, her heart to stone
Stars vanish in the light, clouds fade away
Her mind stays put just as her feet
The once midnight garden becomes a field of infertility
Her dreams gone like the moonlit skies
She waits for night again.
Renie Simone
Written by
Renie Simone  England to California
(England to California)   
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