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Jan 2016
You build your walls higher
With each passing year
With every new heartache
Laying new bricks of fear
Until there's four walls around your heart
And every relation is doomed from the start
For no one can live from inside of a cage
Breakups tend to illicit your rage
But Show the world yourself intact
Vulnerability is a courageous act
Don't let rejection make you afraid
Please tear down those bricks that you've laid
Before you're buried in the ground
In the casket framed by walls around
Free yourself before it's too late
Or a loveless life will be your fate
Put your egos to the side
If you truly want to feel alive
Don't follow the trend like the rest
Failure is part of the road to success
And hating love is the latest fashion
If you ask me, the world needs more compassion
So when push comes to shove
Move right on and spread the love
Hold your head up high
With each goodbye
Let it go, don't wonder why
Always Give love another try
It's the only thing that never dies.
Building walls around your heart only hurts yourself. You think you're keeping others out but you're only preventing yourself from fully experiencing the potential of life.

We know that failure is part of success but people fail to see that the same rule applies to love. If anything, love is the one thing in life we should always dust ourselves off and continue striving for. It's the most fulfilling thing in life.
Miss Grim
Written by
Miss Grim  31/F/Rhode Island
(31/F/Rhode Island)   
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