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Jan 2016
"We have so much in common,
I think I really like you.
I want to spend the day with you
And the night too."

Packed the old overnight bag;
Drove to your townhouse.
An hour on the beltway,
54 miles from me to you.

"Come on upstairs with me.
Now come on over to the bed.
I've been waiting all day for you.
C'mon you know you want it too."

I don't think I can do this I say;
Its not what I envisioned in my head
But it feels so good to be touched again.
Okay I guess we can start here.

"Tell me how much you like it, say my name"
I'm crying the whole time because I know.

"I have to go to work tomorrow now.
I really need to get some sleep.
I cant really sleep well if someone is here.
Let me know you got home ok, I guess."

I take a long dark car-ride of shame.
50mph. 60mph. 70mph. 80mph. 90mph.
How fast can a Mustang go I wonder.
About as fast as a heart can break, I guess.
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