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Jan 2016
I knew it would hurt to see you again.
Did I stop loving you?
but I mistook my heart for that of a wanderer's
my eyes would get lost in the distance
I never saw yours begging that I'd stay
that soft chant
reste   reste   reste
I hear the calling now
et mon coeur, I am sorry
Je suis très désolée mon bébé
because I lost you though you never strayed
or because your heart was put to rest
while I became wordly
and lonley
et j'ai decouvert
you were the only one who'd ever matter
e vorrei ritornare ma
les mots don't get through

I think it hurts most to keep a pull in your heart
your mind letting you know that quelquechose
was forgotten that held unparalled significance
in all those should have beens

Je ne t'ai jamais oublié
mais tu as fait
et c'est bon pour tu

but now I have to float away
parce que je ne peux pas observer
tu et elle
                                                            ­        è mi e ti
                                                                ­  o ti e nessuno

on that first date
I'll shatter glass if I see you kiss

but darling, know I'll always return
I'll keep waiting until your alone
wait to see you eyes shine with our memories
caro mio, I'll be standing in front of you très vite

                le dico      per piacere

Reste     Reste    Reste

I wouldn't take a single step away again, my love.

Should you present her with a ring
I wouldn't ever greet home again
and if I'm able to keep strong
I'd meet people in my travels.
I'd try, only for you, resist the graveyard

but even now, your voice sometimes crackles
my heart hears, rest   rest   rest
I'd give anything you wish

                     Don't let my unstable mind bind your decision
                       It's a part of my soul that was never your fault
                         It wavers and crashes and gently glides
                            Don't let my turmoil ruin your sand

        **Ti voglio bene
rough draft, A girl who followed her heart on the wrong path.
Emily Pidduck
Written by
Emily Pidduck
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