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Jan 2016
What do you do when it hurts
You fight that slipping feeling
Because the last time you fell
You nearly never made it back

When you can feel them crawling
Nesting inside of your mind
Waiting until they are set free
In your path of self destruction

Keep pretending you're in control
That you don't need any help
So you just keep it to yourself
Hoping that tomorrow is a better day

But you're still slipping down
To where darkness is waiting
Ready to claim you once more
And this time you won't find the light

Still you continue to cry inside
Pretending you're wearing a false smile
Scared to admit depression creeps
Waiting like the blackest of clouds

You shout in your head "why me"?
But your inner self isn't listening
You just want to rip open emotions
Only you keep feeling so alone

Drawn to take the easy way out
You know it'd hurt the ones you love
So you carry on with a brave face
Wishing blank thoughts far too late
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Written by
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul  Hemel Hempstead
(Hemel Hempstead)   
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