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Jan 2016
Brothers why?
Do you stare out the window
at passing crows.
As they fly north,
Taking your dreams with them.
Sisters why?
Do you stare at old pictures, reminiscing.
Wondering where your hopes went.
They became congualated in picture frames.
Father why?
Do you drown yourself in alcohol and dig your own grave.
You're a hardworking man
And your elixir is home.
Just let go of the drunken hate.
Mother why?
Do you stay at home and let the years leaf you by.
You have a life to live, you had love to spread, and give.
We became leafs blowing in the wind
With no direction.
It's sad to say,
comforts become our family tradition. Conformity slowly killed our pride and foundation.
Jo Baez
Written by
Jo Baez  Los Angeles, Ca.
(Los Angeles, Ca.)   
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