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Jan 2016
I wish we could’ve been something,
Something real;
Something people could see.
Like the image of us walking downtown,
While holding hands.
But the difference in the image is,
That if we were something
You would’ve cared.
But you didn’t and,
You couldn’t.
I wish we could've been something.
I wish I could’ve woken up to you,
More than just once and ,
I wish you actually cared
About my presence,
Instead of just my flesh.
You and I,
I wish we could’ve been
I wish people invited us out to parties,
And I wish you wanted me to meet your friends
Instead of keeping me a secret.
And I wish that I never touched your skin.
And I wish we could’ve been something,
But we weren’t.
And I wish I could burn your fingertips
Off my body,
And your name
Out of my mind but,
I guess I’ll just have to live with it;
The fact that we were nothing,
When I so badly wanted us to be something.
And maybe,
I was too needy.
But all I wanted
Was for you to talk to me.
And I just wish we could’ve been something.
Because you and I,
Worked so well together.
And I wish you would’ve said the words,
And I wish you would’ve been fair to me,
And I wish you didn’t lie to me,
And use me
I was always so unhappy.
And I wouldn’t sing in front of you,
And I wouldn’t act in front of you-
Maybe everything I did was an act.
But let me tell you,
My feelings weren’t an act,
That I know for certain.
And now,
I wish we could’ve been something,
But I can’t find you.
Because I asked you what you wanted,
And you said “I don’t know”
And I said “okay,”
And drove to the park alone
In the rain,
And stayed there
For hours.
But, hey
Guess what?
I wish you would’ve given us a chance.
But while you had me,
You kept your heart open
For someone better.
And I can’t do this anymore.
Because I can’t hate myself like I did
When I thought I was yours.
That night you left me,
I went to the movies with an old friend,
And I didn’t think about you for an entire evening.
And it was then that I realized,
That maybe I could do this.
But dear, I cared.
And you were just passing time.
I wish we could’ve been something,
And I wish you would’ve tried and..
You said you wanted to film me.
(I don’t think you remember this conversation)
And that film impacts people the way that nothing else could,
You impacted me
More than I thought possible but,
It was always just words,
And never actions.
You never thought about me-
While I was in my bed,
Writing stories in my veins and
Writing poetry about you.
But really, its okay,
Because I really wish we could’ve been something.
But that’s it, there’s no way.
It’s over,
Good luck.
I’ve got nothing left to say,
It’s only words
What I feel, won’t change.
So I wish we could’ve been something,
And we weren’t.
So keep working until three in the morning,
And ignoring the people who care about you.
Because while I was wishing,
You were sleeping.
Written about someone a few months ago.
Written by
     daleo and Got Guanxi
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