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Jan 2016
Your eyes are water paint
Paiting a picture of agony
And I can see your pain forming in tears dripping down your face
I wish I could wipe your hell away
And point this gun of apathy at your heart
I'd pull the trigger to **** your feelings
And reassure you that everything will be okay
But I know that you know
It's not that easy.

If I could clip your torn, wore out wings and sew you new ones
In hopes you would fly to a different world
Where it doesn't rain misery and it's sunny all day
Just to see you smile for second
I would but sadly I won't.... Just to teach you a lesson of self-help because I believe in you
And I believe you can pick yourself up
after dragging yourself through all the *******

You're just another poem I wrote
When the sound of inspiration stroke a chord but I swear you mean more than words and metaphors,
You mean more than letters and similes

If I could stab you a million times with the same knife of empathy
That I used to cut my wrist this year, I would
Just to watch your puncture wounds leak all the pain you feel inside
But if there's one thing I know and I know right
Is that pain makes you feel alive and no matter how lonely you and I feel when we're both laying in our own empty beds
I promise you a promise that I might break someday but for what it's worth
I'm sorry you feel the way you do and I can assure you this time without reassurance
I feel just as alone as you
and here's the bitter sweet promise,
I'll struggle to keep
"I promise to drive to your house at anytime
as I bend the hands on the clock
To tell you that I'll be as lonely as you when you stay up crying your thoughts out on September nights
Jo Baez
Written by
Jo Baez  Los Angeles, Ca.
(Los Angeles, Ca.)   
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