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Jan 2016
Breathing is really difficult when you're a bad person. It's inherently difficult to function when you have something weighing on your conscious.

I know that I don't want to be a bad person, but why do I make bad choices? I actively try to not be a bad person but then it happens. The bad part of me slithers out. Doing things that have nothing to do with how I actually feel.

It's like having an evil twin. Someone who openly sabotages everything good about your life. The evil twin tells you that your truth isn't enough. They convince you that you're a bottomless pit. You can never be satisfied with what you have. The twin will seek out the situations in which you wield the most power. They choose the most distructive thing to do and then disappear. This leaves you, ~the good twin~, to pick up the pieces. To take responsibility for your actions.

As the person in control, I'm opting out. I'm going to fight against those temptations because I am satisfied. My truth is valid. And I know that I am good enough. I'm full of love at every side and I shouldn't have to seek it out.
robot mom
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robot mom  the computer
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