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Jan 2016
One Saturday night I found myself stuck to the dance floor at Brick Street Bar and not a moment later I'm stuck to you-
And of all the girls in all the clubs I think we were the only two laughing genuinely.

Four dates later I stripped you down to nothing but nail polish,
And god we ****** for two hours
On a cheaply made bed whose frame was never built for such passions.
You fell for me over and over, and I for you-
There was a sense of urgency in your face every time,
Something your hot Latina blood gave away entirely.

Now I walk you home in thirty degree weather and cling to you so you stay warm
You wear the bracelet I got you for your birthday
And we lay asleep under the red blanket you bought because you know that's my favorite color.

This is how we went from two strangers pressing smiles together in a bar,
to passionate first lovers,
to something so comfortable and right.
TMB. I can't wait to evolve with you.
Written by
xcvii  surface of her skin
(surface of her skin)   
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