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Jan 2016
i want to cry, but for the first time in forever i feel like i dont have a reason to i hope when she tries to hold your hand you pull yours away when she tries to kiss you you'll turn your head i hope when she tries to tell you she loves you u will think of the past and what happened before because know i love you and know i'm with you i'm never going to hurt you but if you want to prove everyone right go ahead and hold her hand go ahead and tell her you love her even though you never meant it because while your doing that i can find someone else who will really loves me see you never know when these guys are lying you never know if he actually loves you guys will tell you almost anything thats why i've already let my guard down I’ve busted the wall at least thats what i'm trying to convince myself is that i don't love you as much as i say i do but deep down i know i'm lying because your my world and if this ends……things will never be the same i feel like your purposely trying to ignore my calls don't you love me? or was you just plying with me and the whole time thinking about her…..?? IM tired of getting hurt so if thats whats going to happy just please leave cause i don't need you just remember if you choose to walk out your giving up your losing the chance to be with someone who loves you instead of lies to you
hannah elizabeth rea
Written by
hannah elizabeth rea  austin indiana
(austin indiana)   
   chris, Michael L and CK Eternity
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