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Jan 2016
God slips from
tongue as phlegm
from lung post-

back to back
reel to reel
sitting *** to heel
palm to palm


I've spent paychecks
laying pavement
into bedsheets
bearing teeth

biting holes into
free time
me time
with myself


twenty one years
stacking unread
newspaper new with
news not bothering
with digestion

to treat the text
as words on paper


sight unseen the
sight of me in
chapel pacing through
Peter as though
for penance

God is meant
a friend to
comfort but
recently its
felt dishonest

a masquerade
a malformation
Portions of this poem borrow from the poems "Back" by Christian Wiman and "Reel to Reel" by Alan Shapiro, as well as the song "The Transfiguration" by Sufjan Stevens.
Christopher Hendrix
Written by
Christopher Hendrix  Blue Springs, Missouri
(Blue Springs, Missouri)   
   --- and Samuel Hesed
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