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Jan 2016
After good twenty two years
I lay suspended, almost a S shape
In that easy chair, back home in Kerala
The cloth that holds, reminds
The swings I had in the cradle
With each move; people, events and situations
Came alive as if in a motion picture,
In that space within my heart

The contours of that easy chair
Rested myself into an eternal ease
Sitting there with my cup of coffee
I felt my life jumping on to my lap, in indulgence!
My life giggled, cried, laughed loudly
Sang occasional lullabies, kissed me deeply, and at times
Darted right into my heart
Filling all voids, in that space within…

My life held a mirror straight on to my face
Took me through the life I sailed
Pains, pleasures, pauses and prices I paid
Fights, flights and the final freeze, I chose
That easy chair on which I sat
Brought me close to my Self

In that trance, I asked
"Where were you all these while, my life?"
"You never find any time to sit for me to come to you" my life said
I realized, I was sitting, all the while, in innate forms,  
But not as a listener to my own life.
That easy chair back home
Showed me what and how, I were
That easy chair back home
Made me live again...
Kerala state in India has a typical design for wooden foldable chairs which has at the centre, a swinging cloth that allows you to take a curved shape while sitting. And the wooden stretchable hands allows you to place your legs up. Legs and head up and the back curved, you get to swing a bit and move a bit sideways, as you are suspended. One can get the same weightless, suspended feeling in Kerala's traditional cradles as well...
Kalesh Kurup
Written by
Kalesh Kurup  Kabul
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