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Nov 2011
Adventure **!  Allons-y!
Come on dear, follow me.

I don’t have a TARDIS, that I regret
But I beg you don’t give up on me yet

I can take you low, and I can take you far
Closer to your destiny, come out of the dark

Time and space are closer than you think
But please dear God, don’t ever blink

You might miss something of importance, you know
Just keep remembering that one day I'll show

My sonic screwdriver will guide the way
To a life for us, a life of play

I may not be The Doctor but dear there’s nothing we can’t do
My companion you’ll be, on the dark side of our moon

High and low, to travel to stay
I can’t ever forget that face

You and I are connected, please tell me you see
The Doctor and Companion, you and me
Shane Carmichael
Written by
Shane Carmichael
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