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Jan 2016
I remember being on the softball team at my high school.  There was this cute girl that was on the team and I didn't really know her because I pretty much had just transferred to that school.  There was always drama going around and I used my old Hello Poetry account as a vent system. I had my account link posted on my other social media but didn't think anyone would actually go to it, but that one girl did!! So one day we were having a short conversation and she said "Oh, I read your poetry. You're really good" ...and I'm like "what!?" Lol, I felt kind of embarrassed but she ended up making an account. I read her poems faithfully and analyzed every line, thinking of why she would say certain things or use certain words.  She and I became really close, but closer on Hello Poetry. We basically communicated through poetry. We became a couple, and expressed ourselves to each other in our poetry, argued in our poetry, and told our stories of how we fought to be together in our poetry.  So yea, I knew her in person, but I met her on Hello Poetry. And now Kaylee L isn't just my HP friend, but she's also the love of my life.
Endya Tremese
Written by
Endya Tremese
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