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Jan 2016
I adore your face.
I like your smiles.
The twinkle in your eyes,
Cannot tell lies.

Your proud and arrogant nose is perfectly built up.
Your alluring lips are being twitched up
Aiming for a kiss
But don’t assume, it’s surely not for me.
When I see you, I just contentedly sigh.
When you're around, I act as if I don’t care.

It will be a merit for me,
If you notice me.
I might flash a shy smile
But the insides of me,
Is still awed for a while.

I take a glimpse of you
And suddenly, you looked up too.
I hastily take my stares away
Pretending that I’m looking the other way.

Funny, isn’t it?
Reminiscing how you’ve done it.
Please, don’t fret.
It’s just our little secret.
Written by
Aries  Galaxy
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