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Jan 2016
why would you entice art for there to be teachers of it,
and learners of it in some oyster library
of the frail tongue? why? why not set off by yourself
into yourself and the last remnants
of educated art to be the least educated,
barbarian i dare say or raphael in the day care centre
of oiling canvases...
what are you here if not an opaque pale
imitation of what could be worth an
imagined residing place
had the king thumped into statue
heart carved from a single stone a mountain...
what are you here
if not an understudy of a tongue
that only provides release
once the least is expressed / expected...
for more iron forges a symmetrical cotton in shirt
than you'd see in iron clamouring for a blunt object
of warring dare be seen if the merchant class
of people remaining in communism nearby
to govern a heretical monopoly
of words without things: or of man
the unifying self of solipsism as a species for
the bargain of category of lion the father to
a bonsai kitten:
or as heretical to monopolise
the added milk to an over-sweet espresso
begot them less alcoholic but more diabetic...
i.e. i've heart if bean sprouts and cloves sold,
but none of the technically grammatical words
added to the cirriculum vitae... more like cirriculum mort
so for the cucumber i get a kalashnikov?
but as warmth is said to be behaviourally acute
so it's said to be discriminatory with pseudo justification;
oh arab. no amount of mammon will be just-cause
you a stealth when all is "hidden" in the exposed.
invoke the meaning of niche...
then i bring in the collateral abundance
of bee ***** to the sickle sweet beehive...
and we settle the score between a room full
of them... and an endless stream of them dislodged
to applaud ******* as them ******* to no applause
of the men who left them behind for the open road;
and looked back on origins for a formless
chill than a shadow in revision of what tamed the soul
when the body spoke more of shadow than of thought
to couple itself to a relief of a hidden hope that could ever be made image:
the gods in their own image crafted man (narcissus),
but man crafted the gods in the image of his own shadow (hades):
so too a form visible akin his own:
cinnamon men of the ivory dagger of india,
cinnamon askance of the asiatic in igloo,
japanese pale apple pulp for european jealousy
in the high stationed salon ladies for the baby powder pamper...
the girl with blonde hair of the book of revelation
only attired in grey insomnia while the girl of the equator
was fitted in auburn chock. to stress the girl of the sun:
the girl who dittoed the most of it...
easter island aquiline featured jews,
and so it goes... one lung of the amazon healthy...
one lung of the himalayas sick if not merely shrivelled
by a gasping odour of a congregation's coughing up a sahara
in the moulding to give wind the power over sand
as water for the clay that rose into splinters penetrating
into the lunar orb.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
   Samuel Hesed and Cecil Miller
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