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Dec 2015
I sat on the edge of my bed seeking wisdom
but I had lost any semblance of faith
this was my only truth
I was of a lost generation
one devoid of hope and light
behind me flowed a lazy river

I placed my hand onto a book of faith
praying it would grant me wisdom
reaching over I turned on the light
and listened to the running river
thinking about the failings of my generation
and if any of us new the truth

what will become of my generation
are we blind to the light…
too apathetic for the truth…
too hip to recognize wisdom
once again my attention was drawn to the river
one of the few things in which I had faith

I closed my eyes trying to remember the truth
or if I had ever known wisdom
were there any in my generation
able to truly hold onto faith
shimmering sunlight danced across the ripples of the river
and I shut off the light

soothed by the peaceful sounds of the river
a calmness wrapped my body in warm light
a knowing came over me for the next generation
cosmic radiation was bringing humanity a new wisdom
dawn was breaking and with it a new truth
within ourselves was the only key to faith

this feeling passed with the fading light
but within me stayed this truth
maybe I was the voice of my generation
the purveyor of a brand new wisdom
the one to impart hope and faith
on the masses of humanity flowing like a river

the wisdom of humanity is tainted by faith
the truth changes with each new generation
we are all sparking light dancing across the cosmic river
Sam Temple
Written by
Sam Temple  Oregon
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