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Dec 2015
You hit me in the heart, dead square in the chest. Wanna be a badass? put yourself to the test. Don't question me with your bullet proof vest! I'll put 2 in your head and not worry the rest.

I'll double tap when need be, but preach love is the best. I thought you you were cool, but you're just like the rest.

Don't think cause I was open, that I cant defend, cause I let you in, thinking you were a friend, that I didn't see how it could be in the end.

I might hurt for now, but I'll ******* end you. And all of those who believe that Karma is true, could only justify that what I did was due.

And when it comes to loss, no one will miss you. I know I didn't, my proofs right in plain view, everyone can see you laying there under my shoe.

I'll tell them all the tale, of how you tried and you failed... Wait, that was your plan?! So that's why I've been jailed? That's not too bad, I've no hope of bail.
Adam Smith
Written by
Adam Smith
   Got Guanxi
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