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Dec 2015
Young Ston what's good, Only For The Real Entertainment ***** thats what's good..Whats up tho dawg..Uhh,..Ohh..Ohh..Ohh..Ohh,..O..,..
I'm in my zone,..(I'm in my zone4) (my zone2) (my zone2)..Yeah..(I'm in my zone2) my zone,..Yeah..(I'm in my3) zone,..just leave me (alone2) (my zone2)..(I'm in my zone2)..(just leave me alone, in my zone2)..,don't mess wit me don't bother me dude at all,..(I'm in my zone2)..just (leave me
alone2) my zone..(Im in my zone2) (my zone3)
so Don't annoy me **,..(I'm in my zone
/in (my zone2)../3
(Yeah3)..dawg..(Ohhwoah2)..Ohh, o..Let's goo, roll something now,....Ohhwoah..Ohh, o..

/Im in my zone2..just leave me alone2/2..
Leave me alone, don't mess wit me, don't bother me dude, Noo,Woah..Ohh,oo Noo,..(I'm in my zone
2) (my zone4)..(I'm in my zone3)..just (leave me alone2) alone..while I'm in (my zone2)..,Aye..,(I'm in my zone3)..My zone,.. Yeah (I'm in my zone2)..
/so just..leave me (alone2)../3
While..I'm in (my zone3),..don't annoy me **,just leave me alone,(while I'm in my zone2)..I'm in (my zone3)..Aye,..(Im in my zone3)..(just leave me alone3)..leave me (alone2)..alone in (my zone2)...Aye

Its (so much
2)..******* & (so much2)..fucc **** going on in this world today man, much (problems2)..,so much (violence2) much (drama2).. & so much (corruption2)..,Aye I just want peace dawg,..Aye I just wanna be all
2) in (my zone4)/2
Uhh.., (Aye I just want to be left alone2)..left alone, ( my zone2)..(Im in my zone4)..Yeah bro..Ohh,o..(please just leave me alone2)..Aye

I been stressing out so much, my head starting to hard dawg, so Imma just roll up & solo dolo  me 3 king size joints yep..
Aye,I might just sip on some brown too dude,Imma wash it down, wit a ounce of OE, who gives a **** , stop worrying about me, ***** worry about yo self..Aye
Yeah I'm only 19, but I got a old head spirit mane, I get my habits from my daddy, don't **** me off or I'll whoop yo *** mane,Uhh..
I got so much angry thats up in me, I release it all out on a beat, I'm raging, I'm trapped in a mental cage man,Aye will somebody (set me free3)..please, Aye..I'm so invincible homie

All that other **** that these rappers gotta say is invisible to me, I speak so in depth, I speak so clearly,  my  music speaks volumes..I rap so vividly, so thoroughly I'm so complete, because God got me aye..God got me mane,..So Imma say as much as I can say as possible mane,..anything is possible Yeah..anything is possible man, don't ever in yo life let a hater wash away yo hope my *****, real talk man..because (anything is possible
2)..Yeah don't let a doubter tell you otherwise, dawg..Uhh,..(I'm in my zone3)..(My zone2)..& I just wanna be left alone,..I just wanna smoke solo dolo, chill by myself & get to business man..Uhh,Yeah  I'm feeling so lonesome, but I'm usta to this,Imma be okay,Yeah man..Aye
I'm in (my zone3)..Aye

All of these fake ***** *** rappers need to lay low man & stay outta the real ones way, before they all get laid out by me & my team..,for real mane,..Uhh,I'm in my zone wit the fam,Uhh...we getting to the money, Yeah man..,I'm not worrying about making new friends, I'm not worrying about what ***** bout to **** on my ***** next, Noo..
(I'm in my zone man,Yeah I'm in my zone *****
2)..(so just leave me alone2)..(just leave me alone3)..***** I'm in (my zone2)..
(So just leave me alone
2)..(just leave me alone3)..while I'm in (my zone2)..Uhh, Yeah..(I'm in my zone2)..(My zone2)..

Aye What's up, what's good, What's cracking dawg, Aye what's happening now,Aye..What's cracking shawty, What's good,..What's happening, What's up now man..Aye

I'm spitting knowledge, Yeah conscience filled raps Yeah..I'm on my KRS one , **** my *****,Aye let all of your stresses,..go..(just let em go2)..let em all go..(just go2)..go..Uhh
Aye, roll that choke, mane, you ain't even got to pass it homie, Aye, I throw you some for free because you (my folk4)..Yeah you can roll yo own..Yeah roll yo own man, just like a boss should ..& Aye let all of your stresses,..go..just (let em all go2)..let em go..(just go2)..go..Uhh..Yeah

OFTR We bossing,..yeah..we bosses, We all come from nothing, we came outta no where now we shinning  like vvs diamonds,real diamonds *****..We stunning like a high fashion model, Aye don't be a follower be a leader , I'll teach you how to become one.. , yeah Imma role model.., Aye Imma roll my whole O & be (in my zone
Im not picking up my phone, all yall **'s (just leave me alone2)..Yeah (I'm in my zone2)
(My zone..*2)
Ston Poet
Written by
Ston Poet  SouthSide
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