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Dec 2015
Depression, my old foe
We meet here once again
You and I both know
There's only one way this can end
Do not think I've forgotten
What you have done in the past
And now, your stench is rotten
Like poisonous tear gas
You're an awful, ugly creature
And yet, you're romanticized
But I see your true features
And I won't believe your lies
You have bested me before
Left me lying on the floor
And still, you wanted more
So you crushed my very core
I was broken, ****** and sore
But you will torment me no more
For I have a secret weapon,
And it's called artistic expression,
For all this pain that I have kept in
You're growing weaker, oh depression
And through this ink, I bleed
Release my insecurities
Along with all my pain and sorrow
That I may live to see tomorrow
Many people embrace their depression, even romanticize it. I am here to tell you that depression is not your friend. It is your enemy. It is the enemy of you and all that love you.
Brian David Hazel
Written by
Brian David Hazel
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