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Dec 2015
there are pretty clouds and there is
hanging fog
the rain is spilling through the
spaces between my fingers
splashing at my feet like the
things you used to say to me
i can't hear you anymore
you're in love again
some other girl some other name
i don't want to hear a single ******* thing
if you're happy why are you watching me
in my familiar misery
it rains wherever i am
you're so lucky you are far away
please don't tell you'll stay
my fingers aren't working right
after clutching onto you so tight
am i supposed to say goodbye
without venom and spite
it's a little difficult, forgive me please
you used to be my anchor
and suddenly
ground shifting, earth quaking
and now you are the reason i can't breathe
underground seventeen feet deep
you didn't save me
you barely even tried
kicking screaming softly speaking
Written by
Sarah  Karakura Town, Japan
(Karakura Town, Japan)   
   Rose, Dana Colgan, SPT and NV
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