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Nov 2011
"let's do it."* says i one night
"no no i daren't." (pronounced "durn't") says she "m'father would be
so angry.."

the next tuesday i say:
"hey we should get together go wild and get into some ****--you might really like it!"
she says "noo.. well, maybe sometime. b-but you can't let on to my sister! oh would she be jealous of it all."
"mum's th'word" i says.
"and you can't get her to do it instead!" she cautions.
"s'alright. i like those mirrored freckles on your lip. she doesn't have those."
"okay well i daren't do it now tho."

a month later i say "well do
you wanna, donna?"

a sly smile then "how about a drink first?"
so i buy us hennessy and we drink
**** near the whole bottle
and she, real drunk now says only
"noo noo i daren't do it!!" (here bad timing chortles leerily at me with that
"oh ohh ha ha ha ... ooops!!" ****-eating grin)
while the bottle rolls round under the table.
so i pass the year away
with a few casual encounters
then she turns up some tuesday night on my porch with a moan sayin'
"oh i wanna!"
so of course i
did it, twice,
and she, while rubbing my belly after said:
"ohh. that really is nice!"
& so i did it once more for kicks ...
holdin' her down on that big king bed.

th'next week she comes in wearing
new leather boots/hair curled/******* overspilling
she asks
"have you ever seen la dolce vita?"
while we're sweating away
so she gushed "oh but doesn't it show
how beautiful it really is?
the joining of two people so hot
& sacred?"

"geez." says i, "so become a catholic already."
she giggled ("you comedian!") and wanted to keep doing it again
a few times
but you know, i was quite serious.
odd daydream hashed into a meter which just flew into my head a couple days back. wouldn't leave til i put proper words to it.
A L Davies
Written by
A L Davies  M/halifax
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