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Dec 2015
I ran my normal jog today
Upon a crossing breeze
This peace of Wind stopped on a dime
I leaned against the trees

The Wind then asked "Can I be seen?"
Said "No, but KNOW you're there"
The Wind replied "Are you so sure?"
"Through Faith and not despair"

The poem is written in Common Meter;  mixed meter, where lines 1 & 3 are in Iambic Tetrameter and lines 2 & 4 are in Iambic Trimeter.   If one can read this poem to the beat of Iambic Prosody:
e.g. S1, L1

i RAN my NOR-man JOG  to-DAY

You might feel the wind, even think you see it.  Learning who the Wind was at one point changed my life for the better.

I hope you enjoy.    Thomas

Note:  Any critique is welcome
Written by
Thomas  Texas
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