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Dec 2015
The last time that I dropped a tear
So long a time ago
A tear of sadness shows its feel
She's gone that's all I know

Ten years expire gave up on love
Content in who I am
I changed the focus of my life;
The blood of Christ the lamb

Am on to concert at our church;
Believers of the Cross
My heart is pierced by limbate eyes
Tongue tied and at a loss

Go out to eat with friends that night
Large table, chairs were full
Except for one right next to her;
Excite me for the cull

I looked into blue bordered dreamy eyes
A tear of joy; no longer in disguise
The poem is written in Common Meter, except for last couplet, which is rhymed Iambic Pentameter.  Common Meter is mixed meter, lines 1 & 3 are in Iambic Tetrameter and lines 2 & 4 are Iambic Trimeter.   Rhyme pattern is abcb.    

The poem is a true story of the loss of first love and the meeting of 2nd love, the only girls I have ever loved.

I hope you enjoy this entry and read this in iamb;  makes such a difference.    Thomas
Written by
Thomas  Texas
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