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Dec 2015
Maybe I see things
A little differently,
But I feel that we're
Not living as we ought to be;
Teens wanting to starve themselves
To look beautiful,
Accepting anorexia
Because television tells them to;
While at the same time
Entire continents starve,
As others eat too much
And have problems with their hearts.
I mean, don't we all
Bleed the same blood?
Things need to change; but for now,
Things don't add up.

Still, things seem different
From what I was promised as a kid;
Not once did I think
We'd let some die and let some live;
Or that the police
Could not be trusted;
They oppress the poorest
And call it justice;
And the politicians
That we vote for
Dine with arms dealers
Then send the youth to war.
Do they really
Represent us?
It's clear to me
Things don't add up.

And all these differences
Only ever lead to hate,
From sub-cultures
To even nations and race;
We're all made of
The same genetic make up;
So why are men more equal
Than the women that make us?
We've been to the moon,
But on earth we need to change,
Before we divide too much
And are all left estranged.
Maths is man-made;
So if things don't add up,
We must make them,
Because enough is enough.
Real talk
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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