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Dec 2015
Accusation and rage, a woman shows her scorn towards her lover. Her partner retorts with venomous chides. Both rage at each other over something that may be trivial to those looking in on their passion. Pacing like Leopards squaring off to fight. Each has disdain for the other and yet longs to embrace. In tense moments of anger, their quarrel is forgotten and replaced with a desire that burns from with in each others souls. Finally they lunge at each other, but not for violence sake, but to embrace as lovers. Joining in hot writhing passion that tears away the sheets of the lovers bed and drenches two bodies in sweat. After each takes pleasure from the other and leaves the apex of mortal passion, they settle into bliss and contentment. Having forgotten their lovers quarrel, they sleep in bliss until next they engage in discord, only to end up in passions throws again.
James M Vines
Written by
James M Vines  Atlanta Georgia
(Atlanta Georgia)   
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