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Dec 2015
I had a very close friend that once disappeared
She'd gone missing a long time, for many years

Fled one night to another state far away
And hid incognito somehow to stay

She left suddenly with her tow-headed daughter and boyfriend
Leading me to wonder of our long and happy friendship end

Informing her parents not ever to reveal  
Not even to her closest friend, I'd appeal

To me or anyone,  for where she had gone
Have to be content without her and be alone

Never knew what made her leave
I knew only that I would grieve

But years later I can only imagine
Looking back on my tearful reaction

That she was fleeing for her life
Wondering whatever was the strife

Something she must have said or done
That would cause her to be on the run

She showed up one day back at her home
Underneath a secret silence of a dome

That she had abandoned, just as she
Would return to talk and visit with me

As she had never left, and I was not to ask
for I would always have that painful task

Of wondering where, when and why
My friend took off and never said good- bye

To this day I will never know
As that was forty years ago

I haven’t seen her since I moved away
Now I'm older, close to home I stay

Never kept in contact with her much after that
Feeling something was lost when we’d chew the fat

Starting my life in a brand new city, state, and town
With a husband, child and years ahead the road down

Why she fled I will never learn
But no longer today will I yearn

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved
True Story poem
Written by
lovetowritepoetry  In the city
(In the city)   
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