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Dec 2015
It's been over 365 days
It's been many nightmares and repetitive poetry
But your name still lingers on my breathe
And the short-lived memories on the tip of my tongue
I should probably brush my teeth

You shouldn't still be here
You left a longtime ago
But you must have forgot to tell me
Because I was still sending you letters
And you would send some back
But you tricked me you tricked me you tricked me

The idea of your voice caused me to rediscover old mannerisms
You reminded me that I actually like wearing bones and the color red
It's like finding an old song that you used to love
And the thought of bones is becoming an obsession again

Even my worst habits remind me of you
Everywhere is you
Everything is you
You're causing this "poem" to turn into and old unsaid rant

The thought of you has a nucleus and membrane of its own
It travels through my body and attacks my white blood cells

I shouldn’t still be writing about you
You're so last year
But baby I'm a hipster and I love to wear vintage
Written by
   Dead lover and Celeste
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