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Dec 2015
I literally felt the pain rushing through
my body while reading your email
I'm so sorry to read
what you must have felt
that day and that moment
I can't say that
*I know how you must have felt
because I never had this happen to me,
but I sort of know how it feels since
I've been cheated on plenty of times
But getting an email like this  
Nope this hasn't ever happen to me
I know you assume
it was due to you lacking
in so many area's
Truth be told
I've not a reason
why things happen as they have
nor can I
explain why I took
away from you
what would of been your fairy tale romance
I don't know you and never planned to
I didn't even really know him
or that he was playing this silly game

I hope you will be able to forgive me
pray too you'll find a new love
and a new happy ending for yourself
because you deserve it

As I've stated I-I don't know you
and never planned to
I didn't even really know him
or  I'd of know you were

*His wife

Copyright ©
Ayeshah K.C.L.N
All right reserved
when a man fails to tell you he's married and makes you his unwilling Mistress these are the things which can and often do happen. I feel bad for the ladies and Wives who end up in this mess!
Written by
   ---, Gaffer, ---, shion and ryn
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