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Nov 2011
A sea of green

Crawling towards Heaven

Swaying and folding

Against itself

Budding trees surrounding

Their branches tipped

With the bright green sprouts

Of new life begun

And old life broken

A pond of silk

Luminous and pure

Floats in the middle

Ripples dancing in its water

As a cliff overhangs

The waterfall falling

Unconnected to the earth

The sea of green

Has become the sea of gold

As once green leaves

Begin to fall

Unto the earth

Leaving the willow trees

With nothing

But swaying branches

The waterfall reflects

A rainbow cast by

The full Harvest Moon

Shining in its resplendent form

The ripples waltz

Never leaving the tempo

Set forth by the Creator

Long before their own time

The grass lays frozen

Buried beneath

White powder

As it falls from a clear sky

The trees stand bare

Their leaves falling

Falling to the broken earth

The broken skin of the meadow

The pond of silk

Lays cold and dead

The ripples gone

Until the night is done

The waterfall lies still

The beads of water

Exactly where they were

When the winter had come again
Written by
Hopi Butler
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