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Nov 2015
the ****** heart
(if ownership of a poem makes you proud, considered it to be...trending)


~for PoetryJournal~


the afterglow of the aftermath,
the chest pounding demanding,
tolerating-no-delay apprehension
of the transcription
of what is

the ****** heart soaring,
the lean-back exhalation,
wet eyes that only you
have secret knowledge thereof

this is why we write,
why we beings believe,
because we ask,

by the asking,
we grade ourselves,
both by
our words and deeds

step back and
accept the notion
that feels not wholly right,
for inherently tinged,
streaked with human pride,
that all possess,
and possessive of
our all

you are value,
by the words you have chosen,
by the only human
that can give truth to its essential

you poet,
are trending
Miami 7:09 am
Nov. 28,2015
Nat Lipstadt
Written by
Nat Lipstadt
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